Hey I'm Nikki. I'm Australian and currently finishing off my bachelor of arts in applied theatre- majoring in humanities. I'm an artist and actor and occasionally I do bit of modeling but that's mostly for fun. This blog consists of things that make me laugh, smile or that appeal to my pervy-geeky-darker nature. It's fairly eclectic, well...Hope you enjoy! :3






reblogging for that last picture because i couldn’t’ stop laughing

Just because of the last picture.

Am I the only one who looks at the bottom picture and can just imagine Loki going “Really this is all you brought, for Odin’s sake am I the only one with class. I suppose this will do”. 

^ Exactly why I chose that last picture LOL


Face Off, Cry Wolf

The four remaining artists compete for a spot in the finale by creating werewolf rivals for their vampire characters.